Now is the time for Yoga!

We live in a tumultuous time. We struggle with liking people who are different from ourselves – different nationalities, different political perspectives, different races, different classes, different religions, different gender identification, anything different.

This struggle triggers insecurity, worry, fear and all the emotions that handicap us. We worry about people with guns hurting people. We worry about not being able to get ahead. We worry about what people think of us. All these worries create fear and anxiety.

That is why “now is the time for yoga”! Yoga relieves our stress. Yoga gives us a moment of relaxation from the anxiety. Yoga opens our bodies to new and different ways of operating.

Now is the time for yoga! Now is the time for the experience of unity, the experience of oneness, the joy of being connected with all around us. Yoga means unity—unity of all that is separate in our lives. Yoga is unity. Yoga is the experience of unity of our body, mind and spirit. This unity then can transfer to our daily lives. This unity can introduce us again to the joy of being one with all the different parts of ourselves…and therefore one with all the different parts of the human condition—people, places, aspirations.

All can be experienced joyfully and peacefully as we make time for Yoga!

For now is the time for Yoga.


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