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Goodness follows me always!

“Only goodness and kindness follow me all the days of my life.”

Psalm 23: 6

I have to wrap my mind around this: all the days of my life.

First, I have to stop my mind long enough to even hear these words, let alone ponder and reflect on them.

Herein I find the 12 step challenge of daily inventory and improving my conscious contact with God. Or, in the yogic practice of svadhyaya, I am challenged to stand in the presence of Creation with each opportunity to practice, on the mat or off the mat.

Each of these Spiritual practices calls me to stillness, mindfulness, and presence with my God.

I recall the creation story in the Christian scriptures of Genesis. At the end of each “day”, God saw that it was good. Evening came. Morning came. Creation continued.

There was pause. This is good.

Do I pause? What do I find?

Aparigraha. I find my struggle with possessiveness, ownership, and my stuff.

Santosha. I observe my barriers to contentment.

Step 11. How am I practicing my conscious contact with God?



Come into the moment and allow this hurricane of questions and distractions to pass, like a cloud passing by the moon. Allow my emotions to restfully guide me in to this moment.


I see us gathered, cloaked in a grace like a light morning fog over a quiet valley. Here we are together. Each of us has our stories, our emotions, our distractions and each other. We lovingly accept each other. There are no judgements. We speak the Divine words of acceptance, patience, and encouragement.

We listen.

We rest.

We experience God’s call to be Her voice, Her embrace, Her unconditional presence.

We know.

This is one of the days. It is goodness and kindness.


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