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Enveloped by the Light

A prayer to overcome the darkness and the fear that may periodically enter your life especially during these times of political upheaval and personal challenge is one spoken by Dom Helder Camara, the Catholic Archbishop of Recife, Brazil, who died in 1999.

A close friend, Lynn Neu, shared it with me as she began grieving the death of her husband, Jerry.

Bishop Camara's words echo the Yoga Tradition’s understanding that all human beings are divine, infinite and perfect. We often forget this spiritual fact as creatures of a loving Creator. May we always cherish this reality for ourselves and others.

“I am immersed in the ever-present light of God—the light of spirit and love. Wherever I am, this light shines upon me. In this light I find my divine expression.

“In this moment I focus my thoughts on the awareness of this light. I close my eyes and feel the invisible Source all around me, enveloping me.

“I breathe it in, imagining it’s shimmering effervescence moving through me.

“There is no darkness this light cannot drive out.

“I feel its warm glow touching all aspects of my being from the inside out.

“My heart is filled with compassion; my mind steeped in wisdom; my soul lifted in union.

“I am one with the light. I live in, and I am an expression of, the light of God!”

Knowing this through our experience, especially in meditation, helps us truly stay strong and clear even in the worst of times. Please share your light with all who enter your life.

Thank you for sharing your light with me.

Namaste’ (I bow to that Divine Light within you.)

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