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Dealing with Anxiety and Fear

The mind is a funny and wonderful part of us. According to the Yoga Tradition, the mind is not us. We are spiritual beings or souls that have a mind and a body that breathes. When we identify with the mind and own the labels that we put on its wanderings and thoughts, we become confused and distracted from the “realness” of life. Sometimes our mind imagines certain things because of interpretation of the perceptions of our visual, auditory and kinesthetic senses.

It happens to me all the time. I hear my wife, Mary, say, “Don’t say things so harshly and loudly to the children or grandchildren,” and my mind begins to imagine myself as a terrible father and grandfather.

At that time, my mind is acting on the past training of perfection-expecting parents and teachers, not on reality. In reality, I was a very creative and talented child and student, who at times make mistakes, like every human being. I did not learn as firmly, while growing up, that I was made in the image and likeness of God. I did not learn that I was completely and totally cared for by the Divine Mother, whom at that time I called the Blessed Virgin Mary. I did not realize, as the Yoga Tradition believes, that I am a “chip off the Old Spirit,” the Spirit of God. I did not realize that I was divine, infinite and perfect in the eyes of the Source of Life.

Therefore, now when my mind runs in an imaginary direction because of what I hear or see or experience, I bring my mind back to the fact that “All is well.” The Divine Father and Mother of Life are in charge and all I need do is remember that. All I need do is remember that “I am a child of the Source of Life, the Divine Mother (as I call God) and that “I am a wonderful father and grandfather, even though I may speak harshly at times.”

We are all children of God, made in God’s image, and we need to remember that whenever we feel anxious and fearful—even in the most hideous of times. We do not need to let fear and anxiety rule our life.

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