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The Light of Joy

Let the Light of Joy rage.

May the light continue to grow in you as the light of each day grows. Light is a very powerful reality because it shines everywhere and makes all that is in its path bright and lively. Light also has a healing capacity even though it sometimes exposes what may not want to be seen.

Light makes everything visible for inspection and sometimes we may want to have some things seen. At those times we need a little nudge from a friend to permit our openness to this exposure, to permit our “lightening up,” so that we can know again the healing power of light. That nudge always is a sign of love and respect. That nudge cracks the momentary darkness and allows some brief moment of joy, some brief contact again with our true nature of bliss and happiness.

The nudge is like planting light in the space between you and the other. This planting is especially uplifting when experienced by adults who may be burdened with negative experiences or burdensome work or worries about what is coming next. Sharing a joke or smiling or speaking a compliment are wonderful small seeds of light that could very easily spark the fire and light in that other. It might even start the raging fire of joy and happiness moving through your time together.

Let’s all start that raging fire this New Year!


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