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Drishti - Our gazing point

The motivation for these thoughts comes from a recent article by Amber Burke who writes for Yoga International. She writes,

“To me, a resolution feels like another ‘should’ in a life full of shoulds – a demand for more - effort in a world already requiring so much fortitude.”

I totally agree, so for the last several years, I have not set a new year’s resolution. I got tired of the sense of defeat. My resolutions typically set up my expectations of another quest for perfecting one of my many flaws. As many of us have heard on our recovery journey or in our lives, we are about progress, not perfection. What a relief!

Ms. Burke started her discussion simply. She shared dictionary definitions of ‘resolution’.

  • To determine a course of action

  • To solve a problem

  • To turn into a different form when seen more clearly

Some lyrical examples included:-

  • The orange light resolved itself into four roadwork lanterns

  • Before them was a hint of glimmer that slowly resolved itself into a strip of blue: the sea.

From these examples, she notes that ‘something that was not clear comes into focus.’ This is totally different than my approach to setting a resolution as a goal which is measured by a pass-fail judgment. Ms. Burke makes much more sense to me.

For something to become clear, I must have focus. Ms. Burke says to set my drishti, or my “gazing point.” “Keep looking with sustained interest, and then wait for what is already present to reveal its true form.”

Ahhhhh! Wait for what is already present to reveal its true form.

Sobriety is not a goal to be achieved; it is a lifestyle to be enjoyed.

Sobriety is already present and waiting to be revealed.

My spirituality is already present and waiting to be revealed.

I am already present and waiting to be revealed.

Spirituality is not an object I can build and hold. It is a relationship with my Higher Power, waiting to be revealed.

Sobriety starts out with developing a relationship with me and my Higher Power. The relationship grows to include others. The end result of this relationship is to share it with others. My sobriety results in surrender to you and my Higher Power.

My drishti, my gazing point, shifts away from me? Nuts!

This really hits hard at the core of another of my character defects – my self image. Wake up Greg! It is not all about who you think you are. I have been my own ‘gazing point’, my own drishti, for most of my life. No wonder I turned to addiction. I cannot live up to my own standards of perfection. How about you???

I will pray to hear/see my drishti, my gazing point, my focus. I look forward to this revelation as I expect you will be part of it. I like you, so I look forward to continuing this journey.


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