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Making a Difference

“Why do I stand mute when my voice could make a difference?”

Sr. Susan Kusz

My recent thoughts have focused on my need for simplicity, silence, and listening. Now, Sr. Susan throws me a curve! She challenges me to use my voice.

Those of you who know me well recognize how easy it is for me to use my voice, ad nauseum. It is also a matter of record that my children have accused me of suffering from verbal diarrhea

Well, guilty as charged. I enjoy the soap box, the attention, and the spotlight. This also points directly to another character defect: control.


During a recent experience of quiet, it became very apparent to me that my desire for control, for the center of attention, for the spotlight, stems from my deep seated lack of trust. I don’t give up control because I don’t trust anyone but me. Otherwise, I would listen more.

I would listen to you, I would listen to my mentors, and I would listen to my Higher Power/God. This requires that I trust all of you. This requires that I have a deeper understanding of my purpose in relation to God’s desire for my individual fullness of life.

Now what?

It is really quite simple. The gift of meditation offers me daily practice of silence which, when practiced, sharpens my senses from all sources. It also brings to life the third phrase of the Serenity Prayer, the wisdom to know the difference.

To everything there is a season. Personally, to every opportunity, there is an opportunity for discernment. A time to speak, and a time to listen. There is a time for action and a time for patience. There is a time for your voice, a time for my voice, and a time for our collective voices. The wisdom to know the difference is rooted simply in the silence of my being. I believe the silence of my being is revealed in the practice of meditation, silence, and prayer.

I find it very easy to share these words. The challenge, however, is in the practice of the preaching. Here is my need to call on the collective conscious of us all, in prayer, to practice the teachings of our Divine Master. Please join me in this practice as I am convinced that we will continue to evolve as individuals and as a community. Ultimately, this practice will spread to our entire society. That is very reassuring to me.

The end result of this line of thought is gratitude. I am grateful for the time to ponder the thoughts of Sr. Susan Kusz. I am grateful for the growing practice of the 12 steps, yoga, meditation, and study. I am grateful that you are all on this journey with me. We make a difference.


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