Keeping It Simple


Yes, I expect that we have all heard this principle many times: KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID.

I have heard this from a variety of sources too many times to count. Well, wouldn't you know it, this principle is back in my face, or should I say, back in my soul.

I have often expressed my humble, growing awareness of the evidence of God's presence in my life. Over the past couple of weeks, as I finish Step 5 (Admitted to god, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.), I am observing the crazeeee complications I am inflicting on myself. I spend so much time in my head with analysis, judgment, criticism, and more analysis. Finally, in a prayer of desperation, I submitted to another and asked for help.

Dam! That was so simple!

I have yet to hear of any Spiritual practice in which our Divine Spirit has not been present in the most simple forms. First, and for me most powerful, is our presence to each other. We, or maybe just I, take for granted your presence in my life. Why? Every time I share one of these writings I end with a heartfelt expression of gratitude for your being. So why, why, why is it so difficult to ask you for help?OOPS! I just shared a character defect: Pride.

Another powerful form of Divine Presence is ceremony. So, what is your image of ceremony? Church? Large gatherings for special occasions? Small gatherings for less special occasions? I am realizing that each time I sincerely put myself in your presence, there is ceremony. We offer our state of being to each other. Wow! How simple is that?

“Hi, how are you?”

We have ceremony. No fancy surroundings or stuff. We are simply present to each other.

OOPS! Another defect: I am not willing to be present. Am I distracted? Self absorbed? Am I wanting to get my thought across? Am I expecting something from you? I, I, I, I.

There are many physical symbols that are universally accepted as Divine nature: Air, earth, water, fire, ether. I drink water. I eat of the earth. I breathe. I am warm. I am. So here again is another character defect: I take life for granted, assuming these gifts are always going to be here for ME, ME, ME, ME.

Back to the simplicity of our mutual Divinity. Yes, I have all of these character defects.


The simple reality of sharing these thoughts suggests a willingness to study myself. I admit a growing openness to your sacred presence. I stand in awe of a Divine Spirit who is so patient with me. Hmmm. There must be some value in me for our Divine Spirit to offer this love to me. There must be a value and purpose to each of us as we share these sacred gifts. Yes, we have value and purpose in our simple presence to each other.

Alright! It's time to sing and dance.

We have value. We are the simple and sacred Divine beings offered to each other as simple evidence of our value to each other. I don't need to belong to a political party which has won or lost an election. I don't need to belong to an organization or stand in a special building or place.

I simply need to be. Present. Connected. Imperfect and willing to grow.

Yup! I can do this.

Hey, I do this!

Hey, we can all do this.

This is exciting.

Come on down to the restful waters. Maybe the waters are stirred up a bit with our excitement. Whatever! Come on down. Be here. Be.

I am deep in gratitude.


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