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Making Space

“Guide us to create a welcoming space for everyone.”


Oh! Yes! This sounds right up my alley. After all, Yoga is about making space. Right? I’ve been practicing Yoga for years. I’ve been in recovery for over a decade. Step 12 of the 12 Steps of AA is all about giving back:

“Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to other addicts and to practice these principles in all of our affairs.”

Slow down, Greg!

Many times I read statements like these and think, “Oh yes, I’ve got this.”

This was my obvious response when this came up in a daily reading. I’ve got this. I do this. Yet the time of meditation following this reading was quite transformational. My personal observations following my time of stillness led me to thoughts about compassion, kindness, self study and more.

I began to dig deeper in to my perspectives and practices of compassion. I went right to the dictionary for the definition of ‘compassion’. In this moment, I came to realize that compassion is an act of deep listening, first to myself and then to others.


Deep listening is not about me, even when listening myself. I need to be totally out of the way of the voice I’m hearing. I need to make space for this voice to enter my mind, body and Spirit. I have lots of stuff to clear out to make this space. My act of compassion requires space. By one definition, compassion means to ‘suffer together’. WAIT! I don’t like to suffer, period.

Yet, we know that pain and suffering are teachers. Consciously engaging in pain and suffering is the path to transformation. This is an act of purpose and expressed will. We intentionally enter in to the pain and suffering of our journeys.

Here in lies the source of compassion.

Here in lies the source of healing.

Here in lies the source of community.

Here in lies the space needed for us to be welcome.

So, my friends, I will continue my efforts to make space for you, just as so many of you have made space for me. My expressions of gratitude will never tire or become void of meaning. Our place beside restful waters will always be open to the next one of us in need.

Hugs all around.


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