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“In prayer and ceremony, we come to our intended use.”

Native American Elder

The simplicity of this statement is un-nerving to me.

How do I know my intended use?

How do I come to my intended purpose?

Where do I find myself?

I am not surprised that I was able to hear this statement in a moment of solemn silence. Thus, the answers to my subsequent questions appear rather obvious. Why, then, do I continuously experience such surprise when I am moved by the simplicity of life?

I am finding that these surprises are the spiritual sparks I need, continuously. I need the persistent reminders that the elements of serenity, courage and wisdom are readily available in the simplicity of life. These are the evidence of the presence of the Source, Higher Power, God.

To simplify, I must be still.

To listen, I must be silent.

To see, I must focus.

To experience life, I must be.

Each of the 12 steps carries me toward my soul. Each yoga pose carries me to ease and stability. Each breath of meditation heightens my awareness of another step on the journey of life. The ongoing practice of life reveals another aspect of my intended purpose. Thus, knowing my purpose is not a destination to be reached. Rather, awareness of purpose is the connection to the Source which allows purpose and intent to unfold and transform.

Now, I will re-define my concept of journey. I have been approaching my journey with the belief that I will arrive at a destination. As I continue to experience the journey, each step is simply revealing the next path to follow. Further, each new path offers another adventure to expand my purpose and intent.

As I rest in this lesson, serenity, courage and wisdom become more acceptable. I become more accepting of where I am. I become more accepting of the loving energy that moves me. I become more acceptable, just as I am, just where I am, being who I am. It is a simple prayer and ceremony.

This is a good place, beside the restful waters.


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