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Embracing Connection

“… O divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek

To be consoled as to console,

To be understood as to understand,

To be loved as to love;”

Prayer of St. Francis

A while back, I reflected on a thought by Fr. Richard Rohr: “ I believe every human being is addicted to their own way of thinking.” As one of our Green Bay Packers announcers often says: “and there is the dagger!” When I first read Richard Rohr’s statement, I felt the dagger. I have lived my life with the thought that my way of thinking is always better. While in conversation with anyone, my mind was racing to the place where I could expound my thoughts as I was sure they were better. I needed to turn to attention of the conversation to me, me, me, me.

Today, with years of 12 step recovery behind me and years of yoga and meditation practice behind me, I confess that most of my thoughts are still about me. YUP! It’s still about me. However, there is a difference. Today, my self-absorbed obsession is weakening. I am becoming more and more mindful of my efforts to make life less about me.

The portion of the Prayer of St. Francis stated above is all about you!

The pangs of the dagger effect of these words are the very motivation I must have to turn toward you. I feel so good when I am consoled, understood, and loved. That is why it is so necessary for me to continue on my 12 step journey with the fellowship of our group. In these groups I find consolation, understanding, and love. I also find these in the presence of all of you who walk a path of growth and enlightenment. We are all mindful of our growth toward our DIP - our divine, infinite and pure selves. From this discovery, we are able to console, understand, and love.

We console, understand, and love.

Take a moment or two and imagine the impact of our journey on some of the current pains of life in this world: political passions, religious-based hatred, gun violence, bullying, domestic violence, ………………..

In the moments when I hear another political attack, or killing, or act of terrorism, I pause and visualize our divine Master/Mistress with arms completely surrounding each of us and our global universe. I rest. I am at peace knowing that do not have responsibility for the entire universe. I rest knowing that my role is limited to my small universe here within the circle of people to whom I am connected. Whew! What a comforting realization.

You and I are the sources of consolation, understanding, and love that centers here in our individual universes. We also know the ripple effect. We can rest knowing that our energy radiates beyond our awareness.

In stillness, we know. In stillness we rest. In stillness we connect.


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