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More Freedom

“Living completely in the present

is also the most joyful way to be free from worry and anxiety.

And one of the simplest ways to do this is to do only one thing at a time.”

Eknath Easwaran: Strength in The Storm

Today I would like to share a small victory with you. This morning I woke to my typical ‘to do’ list, but forgot my ‘to be’ list. (Hmmm! More practice is needed here.) At any rate, I finished breakfast and launched into the first project on the list. Wow! It went very fast and turned out well. I found myself with an hour of unplanned time. My mind started buzzing with other things to do with this hour. My soul reminded me of an opportunity to simply be still with myself and my journal.

Fortunately, I gave myself permission to be still. During that time, there were no earth moving revelations or monumental discoveries. There was quiet and serenity. There was a reminder that this was a good thing to do for myself. I was enjoying a bit of peace, quiet and stillness.

As I ponder the statement above, my soul is celebrating the results of doing just one thing at a time this morning, enjoying its accomplishment and then just being. In this slice of my life, I am enjoying the fruits of the practice of both the 12 steps and Yoga. Each leads inward. Each offers opportunity to celebrate freedom from worry and anxiety. Each is a community event.

While the morning was spent by myself, my reflection brings me to the awareness of how each of you contributes to my sobriety, my freedom, and my serenity.

In this moment, we are together beside restful waters. Thank you.


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