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Head Trip

“analysis is paralysis”

Richard Rohr: Breathing Under Water

Here I am again, with a shocking example of the simplicity of the journey to inner Divinity. If I had a nickel for each hour of my life spent in my head trying to figure stuff out, then I would be a very rich man, financially.

Why is it that I often spend so much futile time in my head? Well, for one thing, while in my head I don’t have to listen to the reality spoken from my Inner Voice, my Conscience, my God. Thus, the pain of reality doesn’t seem too intense. While in my head, I can rationalize the pain away, make excuses, or blame someone else. The result is that I always find myself in shallow, stagnant experiences which lead directly to my addictive nature, alone and isolated. Been there and done that for way too long.

Recovery is about us, together, supporting our efforts to go deeper. We challenge each other to engage more fully in the transformation from addiction to sobriety. We help each other through the often painful efforts to learn from the agonizing honesty and reality found in the depth of our souls. Pretty? Not too often. Peaceful? Grace filled? Restful? Always!

The practice of Yoga enhances the ‘deeper’ nature of these experiences. We learn to both isolate and integrate the physical, emotional and spiritual natures within. Our inner voices become easier to access, experience, and direct us toward the transformation we need.

We obviously need our head time. However, for me, my head is a dangerous place to stay for any length of time. I am expanding my opportunities to spend more time with my Divinity. I am observing that I am also spending more time with other people. My circle of life expands. My sense of serenity and contentment grows.

There is more time beside restful waters.


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