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Yes, “the truth will set you free” as Jesus says (John 8:32),

But first it tends to make you miserable.

Richard Rohr: Breathing Under Water

Richard Rohr goes on to explain that “people only come to deeper consciousness by intentional struggles with addictions, contradictions, conflicts, inconsistencies, inner confusions, and what the biblical traditions call ‘sin’ or moral failure”.

After I picked myself up from the floor upon reading this, I began to let it settle. Of course, it does not settle well, not well at all. Who would people intentionally take on the struggle of their own personal moral failures? Then, I heard one of my more challenging mantras, ‘I will allow pain to be my teacher.’ Ouch! This stuff always comes back to haunt me. So, yes, I need to be careful what I ask for.

I digress.

In the 12-Step Program, this is called step 4: Making a searching and fearless moral inventory of yourself. In reality, it is a tremendously courageous act of faith. We have just worked through the first three steps of 1. Recognizing our need for help. 2. Acknowledging our need to ask for help. And 3. Deciding to turn our lives over to the care of a loving Higher Power. Now we have to do the work under the care of our loving Higher Power. For me, this is tough going. But – in my meditation and pondering, I am reminded that I am not on this journey alone. Many have gone before me in our 12-Step programs and in our Yoga practices. I do not, should not, and cannot take on this task alone. Period!

Many of you have shared your personal, spiritual experiences with me. None of you have passed judgment on me. This instills a trust that encourages the work of coming to a deeper consciousness. Our practices empower the energy required to act. Our relationships energize the Spirit of being, the Spirit of knowing the peace that will follow.

The effort of entering a deeper consciousness is no longer an insurmountable task. There is now an opportunity to grow. There is a growing sense of adventure, like exploring a beautiful part of the world after hearing someone’s travel log or seeing the photographs of their experience. There is nothing but love and grace at the end of the journey. There is nothing but love and grace along the journey. However, there remains a fear. Ok! This must be that part of the misery that leads to the freedom. This fear can be one of the motivations that can amplify the call to action.

So, here we are again. All of us are on a journey. Each of us has travelled our own paths and conquered our own demons along the way. We have all experienced the love and grace unique to our own journey. We continue together, sharing our experience, strength and hope. We find ourselves beside the restful waters just as promised. Thank you.


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