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“God seems to have hidden holiness and wholeness

in a secret place

where only the humble will find it.”

Richard Rohr: “Breathing Under Water”

What is your definition of ‘humble’?

My dictionary states: “having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance; of low social, administrative or political rank; of modest pretensions or dimensions;

I don’t find much help in these definitions when I think of the humility needed to find the hidden holiness or Divinity within. The work of enlightenment leads me toward a recognition of my significance within the enormity of our cosmos. However, there is an energy within which also holds my significance in perspective. This perspective is gently embedded within a recognition of enormity of our cosmos while simultaneously knowing the need for my place within the cosmos. The evolution of my soul’s purpose contributes to a growing experience and awareness that my purpose is no more, nor less significant than the purpose of all who share Creation. We need each other to fulfill our individual purpose within the design of our God/Higher Power’s purpose.

The work of the 12 Steps is that of transforming my ego from the illness of the individualized misunderstanding of my reality in to the reality of wholeness. As I ponder wholeness, I consider the whole of me: mind, body, Spirit. I am guided in to this perspective as I become a member of the greater fellowship of humanity. The 12 Steps takes me from a diseased individual to a healthy member within community. The practice of Yoga enhances this relationship as I meditate on wholeness, holiness, Divinity, and eternity. Further, I am discovering in the practice of recovery from 12 Steps and Yoga, that humility is not some ‘thing’ that I search for. Rather, I begin to observe the transformation of a life style which moves me from self to universe. It is in these simple observations and discoveries that life is experiences within wholeness. For one like me who needs to be in control, I find relief that I can surrender this need for control in to an opportunity to share with you all. Here, I find a place of rest.

Thank you.


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