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“God seems to have hidden holiness and wholeness

in a secret place

where only the humble will find it.”

Richard Rohr: “Breathing Under Water”

What is your definition of ‘humble’?

My dictionary states: “having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance; of low social, administrative or political rank; of modest pretensions or dimensions;

I don’t find much help in these definitions when I think of the humility needed to find the hidden holiness or Divinity within. The work of enlightenment leads me toward a recognition of my significance within the enormity of our cosmos. However, there is an energy within which also holds my significance in perspective. This perspective is gently embedded within a recognition of enormity of our cosmos while simultaneously knowing the need for my place within the cosmos. The evolution of my soul’s purpose contributes to a growing experience and awareness that my purpose is no more, nor less significant than the purpose of all who share Creation. We need each other to fulfill our individual purp