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Addicted to Our Own Way of Thinking

“Most of us are addicted to our own way of thinking.”

Richard Rohr

Ouch! This thought really takes the wind out of my sails. I have lived most of my life believing that my way of thinking, while it may not be the best, it should at least be considered within the top 10. Well, recovery has certainly changed that perspective. However, I have not fully integrated my open mind in to my life style, or should I say my mind-style.

In my world of addiction, life was all about me, me, me…….. I was masterful at having the last word, the best word, and the only word worth hearing. I may not have stated this out loud, but I certainly maintained this mind set for a looooooong time. The life of the 12 steps is putting me face to face with this fantasy. The life of 12 steps, Yoga and mindfulness are transforming my being in to a state of vulnerability. This state of vulnerability – humility creates space. When I allow this to happen, there is space for you to enter my journey. To me, this is a state of Grace. When you and I become ‘we’, I am in Divinity. Yes, this I am coming to know as the miracle of Grace. This is the unexplained experience that nourishes the hope of life in abundance.

I am coming to believe that this experience is the result of a life style rather than a goal I can pursue. I cannot quantify it – Grace – miracle. I can observe it with practice. The practice is recovery. The practice is Yoga. The practice is the Tapas – energy for healthy living. The practice is the journey of life. I walk the path, continuously making changes and refinements according to the Divine voice from within. The mistakes, the pains, the troubles – these are the teachers that direct me toward Grace. Fortunately, I have many people who are willing to be the teachers, the guides, the voices of direction, and the voices of Grace.

I am grateful.


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