Shift Happens

"We are not creatures who need improvement; we are rebels who must lay down our arms.”~ C.S. Lewis

Resistance is painful, and often more than futile. It is down right paralyzing and dangerous. That is, if you really want freedom. I first learned this in analysis, when I left before I could experience breakthroughs. I was still running from discomfort and justifying it with some perfectly plausible excuse, like I have to move, or I can’t afford it. You know the drill, because we all do it. Freedom has come from facing my pain, and breaking the pattern that reinforced it. It’s about waking up, and becoming conscious. It’s never been about finding a new anything, but becoming new in the way that I see and experience what is present. For that, I rely on God and the Holy Spirit, because my vision is always limited. Thank God for unanswered prayers, because I am sure I would have played out the same old unconscious pattern, had I not tried to stay awake and healthy.