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The Spirit of Truth

"It isn't that Spirit. He has the power to render us happy or unhappy; to make our service light or burdensome; a pleasure or a toil. Say that his power lies in words and looks; in things so slight and insignificant that it is impossible to add and count'em up: what then? The happiness he gives is quite as great as if it cost a fortune."

Ebeneezer Scrooge, from "A Christmas Carol"

by Charles Dickens, December 1843

Here we are 180 years later, still learning the lessons taught by ole Mr. Scrooge, that fictional character from the Christmas Carol. Interesting! I am guessing that we have all seen the cinematic versions of the Christmas Carol at least once, if not ad nauseum. I know I have watched it many times. However, I finally decided to read the original version. I have found a depth missing in the movie versions. I realize that Dickens' lesson certainly has not lost its impact over 180 years. That seems to be the way with the wisdom of the ages. The core truth never changes.

Dickens reminds me that while I haave no power over certain aspects of life, I do carry power in my ability to share the Spirit of truth in which I communicate. Scrooge observes the words and looks of the givers of happiness while tripping with the Spirit of Christmas past. The Serenity Prayer teaches me to know my power, to know my powerlessness, and the wisdom to embrace each. The mindfulness that can come from the practice of meditation enhances wisdom. I become aware that my best communication often in without words.

I find I need to practice these principles with every breath I take. I will continue this practice to my last breath here on earth. I remind myself not to worry about my final breath. I practice with the present breath. The rest will come.

Next year, I'll watch the Christmas Carol again, just as I celebrate other aspects of that Sacred Season. However, I pray that I will practice the lessons from this past season. I pray I will remain vigilant to the core truth found in all of our Spiritual practices. These are the truths which we share without regards to creed or dogma. These are the truths which bind us. These bring us together beside restful waters.


Keep coming back.

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