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The Dichotomies of Life

"The Yoga tradition invies us to train our mind to see this human dichotomy as an essential play of life, and to understand the temporary nature of things. "

Kia Miller

The dichotomies of life: pain - pleasure, war - peace, win - lost, and the list goes on.

Early in recovery, or should I say, most of my life, my focus was on avoiding pain, conflict, disagreement, etc. Yet many times I would hear myself say: "I learn from my mistakes." I have obviously made this statement enough that it is sinking in, slowly but surely, Today, I realize that my greatest mistake is denying the pain, conflict, irritation, and any of those aspects of life that appear undesirable. In reality, this approach to life brought me to a regretful state of denial.

Recovery is a journey of healing. I don't heal until I recognize pain, embrace the injury, and seek the help needed to heal. The 12 steps have guided me systematically toward the pains of my addiction, with the grace needed to heal, I do! I heal. I embrace the process and offer healing to those whom I have hurt. Then, we heal together. The dichotomy dissolves. Peace requires that I embrace an act of war against those aspects of my life which have created fear, denial, dishonesty, and discord.

My practice of Yoga offers the opportunity to grow in mindfulness and acceptance. I accept my humanity with its imperfections. My God has done so: accepted me with my imperfections. Together the Godly community of my recovery continues the journey, one day at a time. We travel together. We enjoy the restful waters together. We embrace the healing together.

Kia shared the following from her friend, Jacqui Lalita. Enjoy.

"Becoming the Butterfly"

We seek pleasure and avoid pain

Plunge towards happiness and thwart grief

but what rainbow ever filled the sky with its beauty

without a rainstorm first?

What bold heart ever opened to offer the best of itself

without first tasting the ancient ache of loss?

You rest in a chrysalis of transportation where deep with the chambers

of your ailing heart

destined rapid change is underway.

Even in your pain can you sense

the imminent emergence of new wings?


Keep coming back.

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