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Ignite the Fire

"Oh Human Beings,

Wake up!

Get up!

Gather the fire within you.

Ignite the fire upon which everything else will come to life.

Wake up, live like an alive person.

Do not live like a dead person, but a truly light person.

Gather strength and light that can put you on the path.

Be light yourself.

Be light to others."

Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PHD

After reading this, I had to stop and examine the fire within. At 8 below zero, this was a challenge. However, connecting with my fire within required a time of quiet. It required a mindful review of the energy sources I experienced over the past few days. I watched a violent movie. While it was marketed with great reviews, but it was violent. That energy has not rested well within. I travelled this past weekend and ate food provided by our hosts. The type of food and the amount I ate took more energy out of me than it provided. I have been examining my sobriety, which burned some of my Spiritual energy. So when I read these thoughts, I found my internal fire to be weak, in need of kindling.

I referred to the Serenity Prayer. I examined those behaviors which I could not change, those I could have changed, and reviewed the application of my wisdom to know the difference. Whew! This is work. It takes practice. This is the responsibility of my sobriety. The end result is the grace offered by a prayer like that above, or the Serenity Prayer, or any mantra that guides me to a place of self-examination and awareness. One of the many benefits of practicing the 12 steps and the mindfulness of Yoga is the benefit of practice: peace, joy, and the ongoing hope of continued growth. It is the stuff of sobriety. It is the stuff of joy. It is available when I take the time beside restful waters to be human with my mind, body and Spirit. It is a good place. I will continue to practice life. I will continue the practicies that offer strength and light to my path. I will practice being light. I will be blessed by your light. Namaste'

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