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....when you are connected to your own truth, there is often less of a need to say anything at all.

Kia Miller

For a guy who really likes to talk, Kia Miller rocks me to my roots, literally. I have to reflect on my roots, my core beliefs, my dharma code/purpose in life. These are the source of my own truth. Now I ask myself just how connected I am to my own truth. How do I connect to my own truth?

The Spirituality of the 12 steps is a powerful guide to my core beliefs. Each step offers an opportunity to move deeper and deeper within. I have to peel away the layers between me and core beliefs, my Divinity. My moral inventory is a powerful tool in this effort. Once the inventory has been completed, I am then able to follow the next five steps to know the various aspects of this inventory and to bring them to mindfulness as I share them, correct them where necessary, and mend the damages some have caused to the relationships in my life.

As I reflect back on the 15 years of my recovery, I recognize that I have not consistently practiced the truths revealed by this inventory. The practice of Yoga helps with the mindfulness of truths of the 12 steps. Meditation further reveals my truth, and allows me to be at peace within these truths. I am beginning to foster a deeper relationship with my Divinity. This leaves me hopeful that as this relationship progresses, I will grow in contentment and confidence. Maybe then, just maybe I'll become a better listener and not need to say much at all. This indeed will put me beside restful waters. Namaste.

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