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“When we pray for courage, God isn’t going to send us a gift wrapped box filled with courage. She will give us an opportunity to be courageous.”

A line from the movie ‘Evan Almighty’.

As I was watching this rather hilarious film based on the story of Noah’s Ark during the 1990’s, this line was spoken. It rocked my world. It unsettled my prayer life. It challenged my Spirituality. It was a reality kick in my backside. I had to admit that my prayer life was based on my relationship to Santa Claus rather than on a Spiritual intimacy with a Higher Power, God, Great Spirit. I had to admit that I was in a relationship in which I expected God to do all the work and all I had to do was give Her/Him my list of demands. When my demands were not met, I simply pointed the finger at God with resentment.

For those of us who experience Spirituality through the 12 Steps of AA, through the Yamas or the Niyamas, through the Christian beatitudes, from the seven Spiritual gifts of the Ojibway culture, or from any other Spiritual direction, we “know” that relationships require our personal responsibility. We come to recognize the miracle of Spirit through intentional commitment of our lives to our personal Higher Power.

One of the greatest mysteries I continue to experience is the relationship between my intent to take full responsibility for my life and my gr