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“I realize that the world is full of signs that can help me understand myself

and my path through life”

Answers from the Heart

Sometimes I wonder just where are all the signs that can help me understand myself. As I pause and recall my latest car trip around town, I recall:








I am particularly drawn to the last two signs: Caution: Construction ahead, and Work Zone. The feeling of something is stuck in my throat suggests that I really need to slow down. There is a work zone. There is construction happening between my head and my heart. There is a lot of work going on at all times. My problem is that I have my mind so busy that I fail to slow down or yield to the process.

I have observed that as I work my 12 steps, I become very oriented to ‘getting the job done’. When finished, I pause long enough to congratulate myself and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment. This is good as I need to take credit for my efforts and appreciate the efforts of the many people who have supported and encouraged my work. However, if I don’t slow down enough to allow myself to integrate the step work into my mind, body and Spirit, then I do not allow myself the full benefit of the work.

My Yoga practice includes the practice of stillness. When my mind, body and Spirit are stilled, then prana, life energy or life force, is allowed to work. Stillness allows the prana to permeate my whole self with the light and energy to more fully appreciate the work that has been done. I start to notice more of the signs of life that further direct my serenity, courage and wisdom. This process allows me to appreciate the difference made when the work is complete. It is complete only when I have stilled myself to allow integration of the energy of life. This is when I know it is time to rest.


Keep coming back.

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