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“The paradigm shift comes when we view all events as opportunities to grow, to encounter our own magnificence.”

Rolf Gates: Meditations from the Mat

I really, really needed to hear this thought this week. Mr. Gates is reflecting on his transition from his time in recovery when he allowed the external world to direct his emotional state. In the addictive way of life, we often find ways to hold others responsible for our emotions. It may have been my partner, my boss, my children, the politicians, etc. This way of thinking, this paradigm of thought, dictated our emotions and “caused” us to use our addiction to relieve our pain, anger, resentment, or whichever emotion we would choose to medicate. In recovery, the 12 steps of AA offered us an alternative to the blame game. It is called responsibility. During my 15 years of recovery, I have met many people successfully sober. Our sobriety is sustained by our willingness to be responsible to our God, our program and our hearts.

Given the growing threat of violence, the political atmosphere, and a social pattern of blaming, the statement above bluntly reminds me that I am the only one responsible for my own magnificence. I have been mourning the mass losses in Europe at the hands of terrorists. I have been wondering if our political system will ever step aside from political blinders to see the needs of citizens. I have been wondering if we all truly related. Mr. Gates reminds me that I need a major paradigm shift. Buried within all of my angry questions is a Godly magnificence which cannot be shaken by the tragic events of life. I can however, direct these emotions for the good of all. We have a life style in recovery, in Yoga, and in our Spirituality which will contribute to the miracle of peace.

Today, I renew my soul’s purpose knowing the Source of the solution to the chaos of the world. I know that my Spiritual practice will ripple across the universe. I will take more time to ‘be still and know God’. My mantras, my practice, my life will make an impact unknown to me. So when I lie in shavasana/corpse pose today, I will surrender, step aside, and allow Divinity to take its course. I will find rest. Please, strengthen your practice so the ripples becomes waves, or storms, or tsunamis of peace.

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