Being smitten by a path, a direction, an intuited possibility, no matter the territory it crosses, we can feel as if life has found us at last... Following this path through increasing levels of seriousness, we reach a certain threshold where our freedom to choose seems to disappear and is replaced by an understanding that we were made for the world in a very particular way and that this way of being is at bottom nonnegotiable. Like the mountain or the sky, it just is. It is as if we choose and choose until there is actually no choice at all... the only question is whether you will respond, whether you will not turn away, whether you will turn toward it – whether, in effect, you will become a dedicated spirit.

— David Whyte from “The Three Marriages: Reimagining Work, Self & Relationship

I almost titled this piece humility, but then I thought you might not read it. Nobody in recovery likes to talk about humility. It’s a baffling subject for most of us, and often confused with shame and humiliation. But, to get to discernment, I had to understand a bit about humility; being in right relationship with God.