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"Wow, you really are strong."

Grover: "There's a Monster at the end of this book."

Yup! Loveable, furry little Grover the muppet has challenged my recovery. I hope you have read this little thesis on strength and courage. It is about my friend Grover who is afraid of the monster at the end of the book. He takes great pains to tie up, board up, and brick up the pages so that the reader cannot turn the page. Each turn of the page takes us closer to the monster at the end of the book. Obviously, the reader is able to turn each page, destroying the obstacles that were put in place to avoid the ferocious monster at the end of the book. After turning the page blocked by the brick wall, Grover states, “Did you know that you are very strong?”

This statement was quite empowering to me. Grover had spent several pages expressing fear of turning the next page only to interject a statement of strength about the reader. As the reader, I have been reflecting on the obstacles I have created. I use them as objects of blame for my unsavory stuff, the stuff of my addiction, the stuff of my fears. When I read of my strength from a Muppet, I was a challenged to look inward to this strength. This was a moment of wisdom. Yes I am strong.

Then I reflected on the source of my strength. My life is a progression of encouragement and support along with some painful footprints on my back side when the gentle approach was not effective. My strength is a reflection of the villagers I have met along the way. I met them in all walks of my life and they include my family, children, grandchildren, mentors, 12 steppers, Yogis, and many that I am sure I don’t recall. There are many in the Spirit World, some of whom I know and some I do not know. You get the point. My strength is a cumulative exercise in the love of the villagers who have crossed my paths over the many decades of my existence. To them, and to you, I express my gratitude. You are all present in my strength, my recovery, my soul.

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