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"These days, we do not have a very good relationship with Creation, do we? "

"These days, we do not have a very good relationship with Creation, do we?"

Pope Francis

Reading these words was a challenge to my very core.

My first thought focused on the concept of ‘relationship’. The Christian book of Genesis gives man dominion over all of creation. I have been in many discussions about this scripture. Most gave rise to the notion that as mankind, we have authority or control of this resource called creation. That concept has never rested well in my soul. I ponder the unpredictable nature of weather and know that I am totally unable to exercise authority or control over this aspect of creation. Whether experiencing seasonal changes, catastrophic weather patterns, or a moment of peace beside some restful waters, I have no sense of authority or control, much less a sense of dominion.

Next I think of ‘relationship with Creation’. This appears to be a common theme among the major world religions. Creation is a living, active cycle of death and life. We are called to honor and respect life in all forms. We are an integral part of the full circle of life. We are dependent upon the many energies of life. Similarly, the energies of life depend upon us as individuals to sustain and enhance the life cycles for our future and the future of all who will follow.

In our addiction recovery, we are introduced to the 12 Steps by the very first word: WE. This introduction is an ongoing reminder that recovery is a participation in the creation process. It usually takes a while to release our pain before we begin to experience the creative grace of our recovery and participate in each others’ sobriety. As we hear others in recovery share the power of our stories, and appreciate the strength the each offers the other, our sobriety grows and Creation smiles.

In Yoga, the yamas are living examples of creative energy. Nonviolence, truthfulness, non-stealing, moderation, and nonhoarding are the energies that honor and respect self, others and the universe. These principles reflect the core teachings of all religions and spiritual practices. These are the foundation of the practice of creating space for grace. These are life principles which guide our creative responsibility.

We each can and do impact the universe by our relationships. We need the continued reminders from the wisdom of popes and paupers. As we each discover our soul’s purpose, we experience the contentment of our creative responsibility. Each day of life is another opportunity to contribute to life as we want to know it. Grace, peace, serenity, pain, anger, anxiety: each of these experiences is an energy which, when blessed by our Devine practice, will honor, respect and enhance Creation and provide the restful solace we need to thrive.

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