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"In a culture of more, it is hard to sell the concept of less." Rolf Gates

Yes! Emphatically! I agree it is hard to sell the concept of less in our culture. I find it even more difficult to buy this concept in my personal culture. I would much rather discuss the culture at large, thus refusing to look inside and determine how to live my life with less. This is especially true at this specific time in my life. You see I recently retired. So I am hearing from many people tell me that it is now time to lay back, enjoy the good life. After all, I have earned it. Right?

Here’s the thing: I want to agree that I have somehow earned this time in my life to just lay back and enjoy. However, I continue to reflect on the fact that each day I am living a gift. I am finally living with my soul’s purpose. HUH! I have spent a lot of energy to have my soul’s purpose revealed to me. Now, I find that my purpose is in conflict with the concept of living with and for ‘more’.

The Twelve Step Program gave me a progressive change in life style which emphasizes release of the issues which support my addiction. Fifteen years ago, those issues were quite obvious and I progressed through the 12 steps. While this process was painful and peaceful, there appeared to be a growing confidence in my sobriety. As this journey continues, the issues get deeper, more challenging, and more into the intimacy of my life style.