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I’ve followed Heather King’s writing for years, because she’s real, and brilliant. She’s also devoted to the mystery, and my heart swells when she speaks. She’s in love with God, and it shows.

In her book trailer for STRIPPED, Cancer, Culture and the Cloud of Unknowing, she spoke of some deep questions that arose for her in the wake of a cancer diagnosis. She talks about the trouble she had with the war metaphor as a way to treat disease; I don’t like that either.

Heather King had the guts to be STRIPPED, because she knows the God of love. She asked two essential questions; “Am I going to serve the God of love, or fear?”, and “How do I want to live this life; how do I want to die?”.

This interview is so powerful, I hesitate to say anything else, except this; at some time in our lives, we’ll be stripped. To the essence, and to the core. Heather’s grace might help you navigate those times.

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