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"Happiness is something you decide on ahead of time." Mindy Schinnerer

The woman who spoke these words is blind. she spoke them as she entered her room in the nursing home for the first time. Her husband had recently passed away and she needed care. She stated that her happiness had nothing to do with the arrangement of the furniture or the window treatments. She had made up her mind about her happiness long before her admission to the nursing home. She said that she made her decision to be happy every morning when she woke up.

Now there is an attitude I need to take to heart, to the mat, and to my world. I find it so easy to lapse into a pity party and feel sorry for myself. Yes, I'm getting better at taking this pity party to Step 10 (Continue to take a personal inventory and when wrong promptly admit it.) but Mrs. Schinnerer gives me a strong wake up call.

In Yoga terminology, Mrs. Schinnerer provoked my mindfulness. Further, she reminds me of my need to contiune to practice my sobriety through the 12 steps and meditation. These are the lifestyle practices that continue to clarify my sobriety. These are the practices that allow me to appreciate each glimpse of glory, each spark of Divinity, and each moment of peace. Each of these experiences strengthens my 'wisdom to know the difference'. Step 10 is an exercise in svadhyaya, the niyama of self-study, self-exporation, self-determination, and self-realization. This is the exercise of turning our will and our lives over to the care of God. Again in Yogic terminology, Ishvara Pranidhana, self-surrender. The end result is always an opportunity of restoration and gratitude for sobriety.


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