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A Return to Love

"If you want to end darkness, you cannot beat it with a baseball bat. You have to turn on the light." Maianne Williamson: A Return to Love

My first reading of this statement made me strike my head with the palm of my hand and say "DUH!"

Why do I make life so complicated? My addictive nature drives me to rationalize, blame, over think, compare an overwise easy decision. However, I am reminded of a Y!2SR premise that 'easy does not mean simple'. Our yoga postures offer great evidence of this premise. An easy posture is not necessarily simple, especially when integrated physically, emotionally and Spiritually. There is always a reason for challenges to ease and stability, both in yoga postures on the mat, and in daily living off the mat.

So here I sit, looking for the light switch. Certain poses offer me a light switch while on the mat: Savasana, the corpse pose; balasana, the child's pose; tadasana, mountain pose; a deep breath. Each of these brings me into myself and provides an opportunity to choose. I can choose to see the existing light, or complicate my choice with a multitude of distractions. Each of these poses offers a break in the action. I can also do this off the mat. I can make a conscious decision to 'break/brake the action' in my mind. Then I can choose to turn on the light. Each time I choose the light, I find a place of rest. This is a good place. It is the place I come to know God. I like this place. I am grateful.

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