Worship Silence

“I wish all the world worshipped silence……”

MaryAnn Fry

When I read these words from MaryAnn a couple weeks back, I wanted to shout it to the world. Not exactly a quiet response to such a statement, but very much my response. Now, I’ll take a deep breath and contemplate this thought.

I have spent most of my life in fear of silence, primarily because I was unable to achieve silence. The world of addiction does not lend itself to a silent mind. As addicts, we commonly talk about our monkey minds, with constant motion, noise and confusion. Therefore, when silence is encountered, I become an open target for the monkeys of my past life. This is not a pleasant experience as the monkeys are cunning in their abilities to bring up my past, smear my mind, body and soul with my past, and leave me craving the object of my addiction. DEEP CLEANSING BREATH.

Today, the practice of the Twelve Steps and meditation offers me a place of silence. The monkeys are smaller, quieter, and more easily removed as I continue to practice. When the monkeys are gone, there is space for worship. When the monkeys are gone, I find my Divinity. When the monkeys are gone, I have knowledge of the promises of sobriety. This is a good place. I pray all of us who have busy monkeys invading our minds will find this sacred space. For me, this is a place beside restful waters. I will continue this practice of silence. Thank you, MaryAnn.

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