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Live Your Life From The Inside Out

"......allow the breath to guide the movement. In this way our postures are developed from the inside out." Gary Kraftsow

You would think that after ten plus years of practicing Yoga that I would have the basics down to a glorious habit, automatically integrating them in to my life. Well, I don’t. I need a reminder like this to wake me up. And, knowing myself the way I do, I will need to be reminded often. Fortunately, I am blessed with the resources, both people and literature, to keep me on my toes, or back, or front, to literally keep me grounded.

Let my breath direct my mind. Let my mind and Spirit know the how my body is responding to the movement. My postures are then guided from within rather than my body driving me to accomplish something that is potentially hazardous to my health. Sound easy!

It sounds easy. Yet I hear my Soul saying “that’s just the basics, Greg. Now, take this lesson off the mat.” What????? Yes, Greg. Take this lesson off the mat. Live your life from the inside out. Let the core of your being guide your actions. Allow the Spirit of your Divinity guide your actions and you will know ease and stability, sthira and sucha in each action.