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Yoga For Recovery

“If I want to meditate, then I need to staple my butt to the matt and meditate.”

Meditations from the Matt; Rolf Gates

That puts things in perspective for someone like me who is the proverbial procrastinator. My mother said it a bit differently when she often stated: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Regardless of the choice of cliché’s, the point is the same: take action. In recovery and in many aspects of life, many of us voice our intentions for something better: “I’d die for a body like that.” “I’d give anything for a car like that.” Etc. I have made statements like this only to realize that my intended desire will never happen unless I take action. While the heartfelt intention is my first step, nothing happens without action. Duh! So, I am learning to be careful how I express my desires because my heart will hold me accountable. Further, it will mean that I have to make room for my new desire. That means changing….. habits….. behaviors……. Mind set…… Make space for the new intention. That is the challenge of sobriety. That is the challenge of any meaningful change in life. That is the road to the restful waters of peace and bliss.

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