A Gracious & Generous Gift

A true gift is given without expectations, like a grace. I've received so many of them in my life, you think I'd be more gracious in receiving. This past weekend broke me open to a whole new capacity because that grace showed up in everything I saw around me. I felt like God had kept track of my loves and reflected them back to me in a perpetual experience. Even down to the type of coffee that my friend served, and the behavior of the stray cat whose affection arrested me because he looked like my beloved cat Gracie that I left almost seven years ago, when I couldn't care for myself, let alone a cat.

I met some new friends recently, and took a road trip to spend time with them last weekend. In their presence I felt seen; that I mattered, and where I had been before our time together was all material that prepared me to receive this blessing. Since I recovered from a hopeless state of mind and body, I have had occasion to feel what "good" felt like, but now I know an aspect of bliss. Bliss is effortless beauty and resonance. Something mysterious is alive and awake within me and it communicates among others who pay attention. What a gracious and generous gift.

It's humbling to discover another layer of wounding th