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Faith Has Form

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Most people talk about faith as the absence of fear, but I disagree. I have faith, and I get scared. It’s just that I know fear is not life-giving, and faith is. I move in spite of fear these days, and it’s made all the difference in the quality of my life.

This is what faith delivered this week, to let me know life was giving to me. And really, that’s all I need to know anyway. Life sustains me. And I pay attention to it. Most people talk about faith like a last resort, instead of the gift that it is. Faith is a substance, and a delivery service too. Who hasn’t been in the need of a delivery? Or been in the great in-between; of jobs, or transitions, or towns? Faith is the substance of the great in between.

This all happened within three days. A firefly flew inside my loft. Brief, bright and magical. I gasped, and said” thank you.” I didn’t go looking for how it came in, or question my vision, I just smiled, and said “thank you.” The next day, gorgeous sunflowers bloomed in my bird feeder. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but I was so clueless, I thought they were big weeds. Unintended beauty brought about by feeding my little flock of birds. Then, A double rainbow, after a storm and an earnest prayer for direction. Again, I smiled, and said “thank you.” A great big promise from the sky.

This week, I’ve borne witness to two friends opening; to grace, to help, and to the relief of forgiveness. And then, following an inner nudge, I took another friend to a place for a job, and landed a beautiful connection myself too.

Faith is about seeing from a different vantage point, and feeling your way into the visible. I’m tired of fear shouting directions, so I don’t take them, even though I hear those old voices. It’s just that they aren’t gentle, or beautiful and hopeful, so I give them no time. I’ve chosen to believe before I see, and faith carries me until I do see.

How would it feel if you trusted that life heard you, and was responding to you; caring for you and showing you the beautiful, the possible and truly real? Would you expand in gratitude?

Go ahead. Ask for something, and step out as if it’s on the way, in the perfect way, and time. Then, pay attention to everything.

From MaryAnn Fry's blog "Going Naked, Being Seen" which can be accessed at

MaryAnn is the best-selling self-published author of "Going Naked Being Seen: The Power of Being Real." For more information on her book, go to

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