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Ease and Stability: Containing the Inner Fire


A Column by Greg Hermann

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As I continue my study of our Yogic way of life, I have been frequently reminded of the need to take our asana (posture) practice 'off the mat.' I find it much easier to finish my posture practice, roll up my mat, and then get on with the rest of my day. NOT!

So many of our efforts begin with setting an intention. The fact that we embrace a practice of yoga has an overt intention, whether I verbalize it or not. When I first came to the mat fifteen or more years ago, I was looking for something better than I had experienced with my previous history of western physical exercise. I don’t recall verbalizing my intention to open myself to a lifestyle that has changed me in so many ways. Well, the joke is on me. Our Divine One doesn’t need anything more than a subtle admission of need. Her eternal presence within simply needs a crack in the door to emerge. The evolution of this experience is not so subtle. However, I am required to ‘taste it all.’ Having had a strong practice of denial, this has been quite a trip for me.

Most recently, today to be exact, I was talking to both my insurance provider and my health care provider to resolve a claim which had been denied. Needless to say, the fire within was raging out of control. I noticed that as soon as I verbalized my hostility toward the system (I vented with my wife – thanks Ann) there was a dramatic change in my fire. Apparently, my admission of hostility was an adequate expression of intent for my Divine One to act within. Stillness occurred within. Peace lightened my steps, a simple shopping trip was joy filled. Hmmm!

My practice early this morning did not end as I rolled up my mat. My practice established the attitude of the day and calmed the raging fire. I rest beside the calming waters as I share this experience with you.



Greg Herman is a certified yoga instructor at the Fond du Lac Center for Spirituality & Healing. He holds beginning Hatha yoga classes on Monday from 5:30-7:00 pm.

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