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Gratitude: Inspiration For Humble Service


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I was recently asked to share a “few sentences” about volunteering. Hmmm? What can be said by me in just a few sentences? That is not nearly enough space to expound the humanitarian benefits of my role as a volunteer. Obviously my first thoughts provided me a mental battle between my desire to save the world and my humility. How can this be said without bragging? Consistent with our spirituality of finding answers before the question is fully formulated, I was blessed with ample fodder for ponder during my meditation experience. That is when the message of gratitude moved from my head to my soul.

Gratitude for a volunteer:

Grateful to have time to give

Grateful to have talent to be shared

Grateful to realize that when giving of self, I receive

Grateful to have a community who will affirm my talent, and not allow my ego to get in the way

Grateful to realize how much of my life is blessed by those who volunteer for me

The list can go on from here but I am sure you get the point. My role as a volunteer is NOT about me. This role is allowing me to more fully experience my place in the web of life. For decades I searched for purpose. During the simple moments of quiet I continue to evolve in purpose, more fully accepting my significance in sharing a universe with you. This experience is known ‘beside restful waters.'

Namaste’ Greg

Greg Herman is a certified yoga instructor at the Fond du Lac Center for Spirituality & Healing, he holds beginning Hatha yoga classes on Monday from 5:30-7:00pm

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