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The Season For Ahimsa Toward Mother Earth

Spring Buds

As the days get longer we get excited and want to spend more time outdoors. This is natural and it also gives us a chance to practice “Ahimsa” or non-harming.

As we move outdoors we have ample opportunities to breathe, reflect, and observe. We usually start with the “breathe of fresh air” and then notice the good feeling that comes along with it (hopefully) a relaxed feeling).

As you breathe and relax you might start to reflect on this past winter. Then you might start thinking about some “spring cleaning” projects”. A good place to start our spring cleaning is with our self. As you contemplate, consider some habits that might have developed over winter and decide if they are beneficial or not. Now consider if you could change or eliminate these habits.

As you reflect you might think about ways to be kinder or gentler with yourself. Sit quietly and cultivate ahimsa toward yourself. Now, think about ways to expand ahimsa into your lifestyle, relationship, driving habits and maybe into the foods you eat.

April 22nd is Earth Day and as you consider change, maybe your change could involve ahimsa toward Mother Earth. There are many activities and habits we have that directly affect our planet. For me it involves the foods that I consume and how much. At this point in my life I consume a lot less dairy and meat (your change would probably be different).

As I travel to and from work, I travel past corporate farms and become alarmed at eth potential damage to the earth (this is my observation). We all consume food and sue products that are drawn from the planet and we should give consideration to the process and outcomes of our choices.

We have been raised in different ways and our bodies ask for different foods and comforts than out friends, therefore we all have different options. If we all give Mother Nature some consideration in our choices, we can affect our planet in a positive way.

Ahimsa can be applied to everything you do in your life but remember, one small change has a ripple effect, and one times a thousand (as you spread your idea to your family and friends) is very profound.

Be kind and give your love,

Randy Nellessen

Randy Nellessen is a certified yoga instructor at The Fond du Lac Center for Spirituality & Healing. He teaches "Weekend Yoga" on every Saturday morning at 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM.

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