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A Slice of Humble Pie

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A Column By Greg Hermann

This saga begins with our plans to remodel our kitchen. I agreed to complete the tear out part of the job to save a little money. OK, a lot of money. So I began with removal of the old floor, ceramic tile over cement board, which had been screwed down over the old floor, with lots of screws. LOTS of screws. So my plan was to avoid unscrewing the cement board and just covering it with plywood. Hmmm? My plan? This was a very tedious, labor intensive task. I began thinking (oops) that my wife would gladly help, but this was a man’s job! Oops again!

After two days of back breaking toil, my wife said she would be happy to help if there was anything she could do. So I relented. Her participation not only doubled the progress, it was great having her company. She also suggested, as she had done before I began, that we take out the cement board and all the screws. (First bite of humble pie). So I gave it a try thinking I would prove her wrong. (There I go, thinking again.) The job went quicker and easier than expected. Imagine that!

Next the old cupboard came out. She asked if the ceiling was done in a way that we wouldn’t have any of the insulation falling through. Oh sure I told her. You obviously know where this is going. Yup! I found myself spitting ceiling insulation and expressing my anger with a vocabulary that I thought I had left in my past. (Thinking again.) The good news is that within 45 minutes of deep breathing, and coughing insulation particles, I was able to regain a sense of peace. I followed my wife’s suggestion to secure the ceiling to avoid more insulation inhalation.

My inner voice was very active during the entire process. Ego prevailed at the outset. Humility eventually opened my soul. Serenity finally reminded me of the beauty of our yogic practice. Gratitude was shared with my wife who continues to impress me with her patience, teaching me why there is a need for balance in my life.

I enjoy the restful waters today. I just had to navigate the whitecaps throughout the week to get here. It was a good journey.

Greg Hermann

Greg Herman is a certified yoga instructor at the Fond du Lac Center for Spirituality & Healing, he holds beginning Hatha yoga classes on Monday from 5:30-7:00pm

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