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Wisdom Through Failures

Thoughts From Greg Hermann

“Good people are good because they have

Come to wisdom through failure.”

William Saroyan

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While a newborn comes to the flesh in purity, it doesn’t seem to take too long before their wee lives experience the pangs of the bumps and bruises that bring them from cuddling bundles to frolicking, mobile energy that continually tests the boundaries of their safety and parental patience. As a parent, one of the greatest challenges was to negotiate the boundary between being protective and allowing my children to learn from the bumps, bruises and emotional pains of life. Somewhere along the way, my children have all become independent, with vocations, spouses, and passionate commitments to life. In moments of pondering and observation, I see all in my family challenged with the feelings of self-defeat when errors are made. The concept of “learning from mistakes” often requires an emotional lesson in detachment, with a need to reach out and ask for help.

Why, why, why do I so strongly resist reaching out for help? I know my family and friends have had experiences which could lighten my burdens? Our yoga of being, in relationship with all of creation, is in great conflict with my western life style which tells me to be strong and independent. I know of several aboriginal Spiritual philosophies which teach “we are all related”. All, every pebble, plant, animal and human, are related by our Source of life. Still, I strive for independence and autonomy.

My lessons continue: Independence and autonomy are lonely. Interaction and relationships are fulfilling and energizing. Slowly I am seeing the beauty of creative wisdom which surrounds me, hugs me, teaches me, and assures me that my life has purpose. As this personal evolution continues, my soul resonates with greater energy and compassion. Highs become lower. Lows become higher. Balance becomes more obvious. Waters become more restful.

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