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Quiet Humility: The Way We Seek Our Unique Purpose

Beside Restful Waters,

Lady on the Rocks

a column by Greg Hermann

How is your conscious contact with the Divine? Mine exploded this morning. I have a prayer I say quite often. The prayer is from an unknown Native American and it starts like this:

“Oh! Great Spirit, hear me. I am but one of your children. I am small and weak and I need your strength and your courage.”

At this point, my ‘inner voice’ kind of verbally spanked me. She said “You are not just one of my children. You are my child. You have been given a specific purpose to walk in human form. You will bless Creation with gifts that only you can give.”

Needless to say, I was jolted from my mind set as this was quite the unexpected interruption. Over the next several minutes, the following was spoken:

I dwell in your heart.

When you experience fear, be still.

Know your courage.

When you experience turmoil, be still.

Know peace

When you experience anger, be still.

Know gentleness

When you experience resentment, be still.

Know forgiveness.

When you experience anxiety, be still.

Know comfort.

When you experience hesitation, be still.

Know the strength of will.

When you experience incompetence, be still.

Know knowledge.

When you experience indecision, be still.

Know action.

When you experience doubt, be still.

Know that I AM.

Now continue your prayer: So Hum

Again, I am encouraged and motivated to continue my practice. I pray you do the same.


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