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Meet Amy Wadel: Healing Touch Apprentice

By Megan Harshbarger

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Healing Touch services have been offered at the Center for Spirituality and Healing for many years. In this article, we would like to introduce one of our new practioners, Amy Wadel, a Healing Touch apprentice who will finish the final phase of her training by late spring or early summer of this year. By introducing Amy and her practice, we hope that you will get to know her a little, gain a clearer understanding of what energy healing is about, and understand how people can benefit from it.

Healing Touch is for those looking to naturally enhance their health and wellness. It does so through a gentle and non-invasive technique using a conscious, heart-centered, and intentional approach.

Amy was first introduced to Healing Touch three years ago when she came across a Level 1 class that was being offered at the Center for Spirituality and Healing. “As I looked into the practice, the concept of enhancing the wellness in others by using the gift of energetic touch really resonated with me,” says Amy. After a few training sessions, Amy said she recognized the value in energy therapy and developed a passion to enable comfort and relief to individuals by way of Healing Touch.

Since receiving her degree in nursing from UW-Oshkosh in 2000, Amy has acquired extensive experience in working with mothers, babies and children from her work in neonatal and pediatric environments. “Combining my nursing knowledge of the body naturally extended a solid foundation for practicing Healing Touch therapy,” Amy explains.

The Healing Touch Program, through which she received her training, was originally developed as a medically-based energy therapy training program for nurses. The program is accredited by multiple institutions include the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) and the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), among others.

Healing touch works to clear energetic blocks out of the body. According to the Healing Touch Program’s official website, the practice of Healing Touch “uses the gift of touch to influence the human energy system, specifically the energy field that surrounds the body, and the energy centers that control the flow from the energy field to the physical body.” The goal of Healing Touch is to restore balance in the energy system which creates an optimal environment for the body’s innate tendency for healing to occur.

Balancing these energy fields can assist the body, mind, and spirit in moving towards and maintaining oneness. Healing touch complements and supports other medical and health treatments, and research has shown that it facilitates the relaxation response and enhances the healing process.

A Healing Touch treatment is typically administered to the client while they are lying down, usually on a massage table. The client remains fully clothed. Sessions can vary in length, although typically last from 60-90 minutes. Initially Amy assesses the energy field by placing her hands (with your permission) on or above various areas of the client’s body while noting any sensations or imbalances in energy. She will then choose the Healing Touch techniques appropriate for individual client’s needs.

As Healing Touch serves to balance all four energy fields which include the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes, it provides a treatment almost anyone can benefit from and is administered to address a variety of ailments. Amy has worked with babies, children, adults (even animals!) and has found some measure of success in everyone she has treated. While the majority of people who come to her seek to treat physical issues, such as pain, it is important to note that Healing Touch can also be used for anyone looking to expand their spirituality or emotional health as well.

Individuals who are interested in a Healing Touch therapy session can contact Amy Wadel to schedule an appointment at (414) 659-7922.

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