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Center to Host Women’s Full Moon Circle

Jean Reddemann to Lead Monthly Gathering

By Janene Lang


Starting January 6, 2015, the Center for Spirituality & Healing will host a special monthly gathering for women. Jean Reddemann, an indigenous healer in the Lakota Sioux medicine tradition, will share the practice of women teaching and supporting women in relationship to and observance of the great cycles of life.

The meetings will be in the tradition of the Storyteller, where people gather around in a circle and listen to and learn the wisdom of their people presented in narrative. Inspired by her deep belief in the connectedness of all things and all beings, Jean shares the traditional wisdom of the cycles of the moon along with stories of her upbringing with her people, and her own wisdom gained through her walk through life in a sacred manner.

“In all time, women gather with the full moon to celebrate being women,” Reddemann says. “Learning the essence and power and direction of each of the full moons allows us to walk through that moon cycle with greater potential, awareness and understanding.”

“I feel like I have come full circle,” says Jean of reaching out to women in Fond du Lac. Born at St. Agnes Hospital, Reddemann is excited about bringing this opportunity for women to come together to the city of her birth. “A Full Moon Circle is a time of sharing, growing, support, and prayer,” says Reddemann, “We gather to honor being women.” Reddemann invites women of all ages to “join us as we again create the ancient Circle of Women.”

The Center is privileged to have a teacher of Reddemann’s stature provide regular teaching and enrichment at our facility. A well traveled and accomplished lecturer, she has spoken both at home and abroad on topics such as Native American Spirituality, Women's Wellness, the Seasons of life, and The Journey of Women. She has been a featured speaker at many prestigious forums including the National Wellness Convention, the University of Wisconsin, Carrol College, the National SBC Convention and has worked on worthy projects such as the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Recovery Foundation and the creation of a facility for women in alcohol and drug rehabilitation. Reddemann regularly holds Women’s Full Moon Circles in Glendale, West Bend, and Madison as well.

A Women’s Full Moon Circle is scheduled at the Center for each full moon in 2015. Other dates are listed below and on our events calendar at The first Women’s Full Moon Circle at the Center will be held Tuesday, January 6, 2015 at 6:30 - 8:00 PM. There is no admission charge to attend but free will offerings are welcome. Pre-registration is required. To register, please contact Jean Reddemann at 262-629-5264.

2015 Dates

Women’s Full Moon Circle with Jean Reddemann

6:30-8:00 PM at the Center for Spirituality & Healing, 74 S. Main St., Suite 301

Tues. Jan. 6

Mon. Feb. 2

Tues. Mar. 3

Wed. Apr. 1

Tue. May 5

Mon. Jun. 1

Tues. Jun 30 (Blue Moon)

Tue. Jul. 28

Mon. Aug. 31

Wed. Sep. 23

Fri. Oct. 30

Tue. Nov. 24

Wed. Dec. 30

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