Michael's Personal Invite to New Year's Eve at The Center!

Invitation: New Year’s Eve Peace Practice

By Michael Ketterhagen

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The practice of meditation is the ancient path to experience peace and unity with God. Every religious tradition uses this path in some form to unlock the mystery of non-duality. Meditation dissolves the seemingly firm and impassible barrier between the physical and the spiritual worlds. Meditation is the tool of the seeker of Truth. It is the means that the peacemaker uses to counter the divisions he or she faces in a world of turmoil and war.

Our world is wracked with separation and division. In most of our lives we encounter or witness through the world of media the unhappiness of male and female intolerance of each other, religious animosity leading far beyond criticism to mutual hatred, the apparent unresolvable "greed vs need" drive for natural resources, and the demand for control and freedom through the use of force. Pain and suffering seem to be the path of much of the world.

The Center offers an opportunity this New Year’s Eve to experience a few hours of peace and love and connection with the Divine Source of Life residing within all of life. The Center will provide a location for all seekers of peace and justice to sit together for a few minutes or a few hours in the practice of continuous meditation, called Akhanda Japa. Participants are welcome to join the mediation any time from 6-8 PM and leave as they will.

Please join us for these moments to move from 2014 to 2015 in peace and harmony with a few seekers of union with the divine reality of the Oneness of Life.


Michael Ketterhagen

CLICK HERE for event details

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