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Beside Restful Waters


A new yogi ponders

By Greg Hermann

We know the goal of yoga is meditation. We know the result of meditation is bliss. Hmmm! I cannot report experiences of bliss in my practice. I can report episodes of frustration, numbness in my legs, and a deluge of thoughts that distract me. These reports are consistent with the warnings of the sages. However, I find no solace in knowing that my experiences are progressing as expected. Simply put, I want bliss and I want it now! I want patience and I want it now.

As you can probably surmise, my judgments of my meditation practice place a huge barrier toward the goal of meditation. Fortunately, I have been blessed by the examples of many wonderful yoga friends who live the results of their yoga practice. You know them. They are the folks we encounter who don’t have to lecture about the benefit of meditation. Their presence blesses their space with peace, gratitude, and grace. Their presence motivates my devotion to the practice of yoga. Their presence reminds me that I am observing life differently.

I will continue to practice yoga and meditation. I will continue to observe the subtle changes in the world I experience. I will be mindful, and grateful to our Creator for the basics of life: lovers, feathered friends in the trees, the need for my prayers for those in war, grace in the face of pain, courage in the presence of fear, lessons as the result of mistakes…….. Yes, this list is endless. How does your list read?

This time of year reminds me of the necessity to ‘be still’; to know God; to know myself; to know that practice of our Spirituality leads to restful waters. As I share Creator’s space with you, I am grateful. As I grow in mindfulness of our common Source, I am humbled. As I expand the energy of life, I am inspired. Be well dear friends. I look forward to sharing our experiences ‘beside restful waters’.



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