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The Gift of Magic Mushrooms
For Deep Healing & Spiritual Liberation

With Soultech Shamama

Founder of Soultech Sanctum (a Midwest based “sacred medicine church”) and, Soultech Shamama loves sharing insights into magic mushrooms—and how they help liberate our divine nature. An innovator in the psychedelic scene, Shamama has trained hundreds of people in how to skillfully—and legally!—work with entheogenic mushrooms as powerful sacred tools in our spiritual practice now.


Class will be held at The Center

October 28th 10:30AM

Class will be hosted by Crystal K.

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Crystal Healing

With Crystal K.

Come discover how to tap into the healing power of crystals to empower your inner healer. Come sit with me — a Crystal incarnate! Lol — and unlock your own intuition in how to work with crystals. You’ll learn how to “plug in” to crystals anywhere so that you feel their supportive power everywhere. Together, we’ll do guided crystal meditations and practices so that you get an experiential sense of what it feels like when crystals magnify your healing power!

Saturday October 21st at 10:30AM

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