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Meditative Art

Thursday, February 16
10am to 12pm

ThE aRt oF fOrGiVeNeSs Workshop with Anna Casper


When a lot of our "stuff" comes up dealing with life ~ family, life situations and experiences ~ that are unresolved within us, and expectations of what we are doing or not doing, for that matter, uncovering the underlying thoughts, feelings, and emotions and expressing them through ArT, is a great way to let yourself off the hook, giving yourself the freedom to move forward into a season of rebirth and resolution in a more healthy and happy way. It is a gift you give yourself, and it keeps on giving!! Because when we change our inner landscape, it becomes a reflection in our outer experience of life. 


PLEASE join me in this transformational experience.  With our intentions of forgiveness, we will journey through the chakras with my Breathing Magic Into Forgiveness guided meditation process and art experience!! Chalk will be our medium and art supplies will be provided. All you need is a willingness to be there.  No previous art experience is necessary. 

Investment in the world of relaxing art: $25 - All supplies will be provided. 

Register here: or call the Center at (920) 921-9404
Drop-ins are welcome that day

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