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Meditation Teacher Training and Spiritual Development Program






Future dates to be announced

The Meditation Teacher Training and Spiritual Development Program, is a four-session course with 10 contact hours with Michael Ketterhagen, Ph.D.  At the first class, the remaining 3 dates of the training will be determined by the group as a whole.  There is a limit of six students per class.


The Meditation Teacher Training and Spiritual Development Program, based on the Himalayan Yoga Tradition, is geared to yoga teachers, life coaches, counselors, social workers, and individuals wishing to not only be able to teach their students and clients the art of meditation but also grow on their own spiritual journey.


Michael Ketterhagen, PhD, trained in the Himalayan Yoga Tradition, has learned through his doctoral studies many forms of meditation.   Each religious tradition has its own version of meditation that can be traced in practice and often theory to the Himalayan Tradition of Yoga.   In the training, you will learn the following:


           --the five-stage method of relaxation and meditation

           --four different relaxation techniques

           --how to establish diaphragmatic breathing

           --the five qualities of relaxed diaphragmatic breathing

           --the anatomy of the mind

           --the role of the unconscious mind in meditation

           --the different ways that one can sit in meditation

           --yogic methods of teaching another to relax and focus the mind

           --the yogic method of stilling the mind with mantra

           --the nature and purpose of mantra


The certification for teaching meditation will require:

           1.   student teaching of relaxation and the 5-step meditation method to at least one other                       person.

           2.   a written reflection on the student teaching experience.

           3.   meditating for a 40-day period and journaling after each session.

           4.   a summary written reflection on the 40-day meditation experience.


The text used in the training is Moving Inward by Rolf Sovik, DPsy.


Investment:   $475  (if paid in full by with cash or check); or

                          $125  (if paid in cash or check for each of the four classes);

                          $515  (if paid in full with credit card)


To register or have questions: Call 920-921-9404 or email



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