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Meditation for Optimal Performance Clinic

With Zach Ketterhagen


Zach Ketterhagen is a self-leadership, meditation and high-performance coach. He works with leaders, entrepreneurs, high-performers and spiritual seekers to integrate best practices from the latest scientific research and ancient wisdom traditions to elevate their clarity, increase their emotional fulfillment, improve their habit mastery and expand their productivity systems.

All his programs are designed for one purpose--growth. Zach’s ‘why’ is accelerating a leader’s impact to help close the gap on what they truly want and lead a life of fulfillment and freedom.


He works with growth-minded leaders and teams on a multidisciplinary, holistic and systems approach that leverages his 15+ years of yoga, tantra, ancient wisdom traditions, high performance research, self-leadership advancement, habit mastery, goal achievement systems development and leading high performing teams. 

Zach is the creator of Meditation for Optimal Performance, a proven meditation system that accelerates a leader's ability to start and/or deepen a meditation habit to achieve all the benefits that meditation has to offer. In addition, Zach is the author of Live Your Core Values Workbook, which is a step-by-step guide for leader's to uncover and live their core values.


Zach's dream is to fundamentally transform traditional leadership programs that use outdated tools and disregard the whole person perspective. When we separate out work from the rest of our life we fundamentally cut-off parts of ourselves and no longer have the ability to embody our unique self-leadership path to become fulfilled and free. Learn more at

Saturday, October 15 10:30 am to 12:30 pm
In-person at The Center

Do you want to start or deepen a meditation practice to capitalize on all the amazing benefits that meditation has to offer? Have you tried meditation before only to give up because you didn't have the confidence to sustain the practice? Do you wonder how to create a meditation habit that supports your full life and unique impact? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions,


Meditation for Optimal Performance Clinic is the right fit for you to give you the confidence and know-how to create and/or deepen a daily meditation habit There are literally thousands of studies that have shown how meditation positively impacts our mental health, physical health and performance. Join us for this Meditation for Optimal Performance Clinic for an interactive and comprehensive proven meditation workshop to accelerate and maximize your results. With over 15-years of experience teaching meditation, Zach Ketterhagen melds his diverse skill sets in yoga, total-wellbeing, habit mastery and purpose coaching, to give the gift of meditation and explore its power and benefits to enhance your emotional and mental wellbeing.

Whether your just beginning a meditation practice, or have meditated for years, the Meditation for Optimal Performance System will guide you step-by-step to give you the confidence and insight to create a meditation habit that lasts. Through the meditation clinic we will:

  • Learn a proven meditation system grounded in yoga and the latest scientific research

  • Harness the power of the breath that is the open secret to harness the power of the mind

  • Understand the common pitfalls and obstacles that hold the secret why some people progress and others fail in their meditation habit

  • Practice a repeatable method to create a sustainable experience and build confidence in your meditation practice.

Investment in this opportunity: $49.00

Register here at least 72 hours before the event:

Or call (920) 921-9404 to register over the phone.

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